Az-Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwam was one of the first seven people who accepted Islam; he was 15 years old, it was mentioned about him that his sword was the first one raised (used) in Islam.

In one day, while Muslims were few in Mecca, a rumor was spread that the Prophet was killed, upon hearing this, he took his sword and walked in the streets of Mecca, and tried first to verify the news were correct and he had the intention to take off the necks of all the people of Querish until either they kill him or he kill them.

In the highest place in Mecca he met the Prophet who asked him what’s the matter? So he told him the news, and the prophet made supplications for him and to his sword to be victorious.

Although he was from the most honored people in Mecca, he was abused and tortured.

His uncle is the one who used to torture him, he used to tie him and burn some fire to cause smoke that would hold his breath, and call him while he is in the punishment, disbelieve in the Lord of Muhammad and I will take off my punishment.

Az-Zubayr would reply, no by Allah I would never return to disbelief.

He migrated to Al-Habashah, the two migrations the first and the second one, then came back to witness everything with the prophet, he never missed any Ghazwa or any war.

Many were the cuts that his body took to keep the remark of his braveness, one of the companions said about him, I was with Az-Zubair in one of his travels, and I saw his body, I saw it full of the swords marks, and said to him, by Allah I witness on your body what I have never seen on anybody else, he replied, by Allah none of it except with the prophet and in the sake of Allah.

At Gazwat Auhud, after the army of Quraysh, returned to Mecca, the Prophet chose him and Abu Baker to follow the army of Quraysh although they were victorious over the Muslims but to show them that they are still strong so that they don’t think of coming to the Madinah and continuing the fight. Abu Baker and Az-Zubayr led only seventy Muslims but because of their knowledge of wars and their wisdom, it seemed to the disbelievers that this is only the beginning of the army that is following them, so they hurried in their steps to reach Mecca.

He was very eager to die in the sake of Allah, he used to say, Talha bin Ubayd Illah, names his children by the names of the Prophets, and he knows that there are no Prophets after Muhammad, and I name my children with the names of the martyrs, hoping that they would become martyrs.

It was mentioned in his history that he never became Ameer of any city or anything except in the battles for the sake of Allah.

His main character as a fighter was represented by his complete dependence on his self and his trust in it.

Even if there were hundred thousands of solders with him, you would see him fighting alone, as if he is in the battle alone, and as if the victory is dependent on him.

He saw his uncle Hamzah in the day of Auhud, after the disbelievers have disfigured his body. He stood in front of it biting on his teeth and thinking of revenge; Allah prohibited thinking of it afterwards.

When the Muslims surrounded Bany Quradhah (the jews), who did not give up, the prophet sent him with Ali bin Abi Talib, and they stood in front of their castle and repeated the words: By Allah we will taste what Hamzah tasted or we will open their castle.

They then throw themselves alone inside the castle, and with their strong will, they scared the hearts of the Jews and opened the castle for the Muslims.

In the day of Hunayn, he saw Malik bin 3awf the leader of Hawzan, and the leader of the polytheists at this Ghazwa, he saw him after they were defeated with some of his folks and few of his army, so he attacked them alone and moved them from the place where they were waiting for the Muslims’ leaders who were returning from the battle to kill them.

The prophet loved him a lot and was proud of him, he said:
“For every prophet there is a Hawary (disciple), and my Hawary is Az-Zubayr ibn Al3awam”

He was not only his cousin and not only the husband of Asma’ bint Abu Bakr, but also the faithful, the strong, and the generous who sold his soul and his wealth to Allah.

He was very wealthy and had a successful business, but he spent all of it for the sake of Allah till he died in debt.

In the day of Jamal, was the end of Az-Zubair, after he saw the truth he gave up fighting, then few people who just wanted to cause fitnah followed him and killed him while he was praying.

The killer went to Imam Ali thinking that he would be giving him the glad tidings of his enmity against Az-Zubair, but Ali shouted when hew knew that the killer of Az-Zubair is asking the permission to enter at the gate, and ordered him to be kicked out and said: “give the tidings to the killer of the son of Safia to enter hell”. When they gave him the sword of Az-Zubair, he kissed it and started crying and said:” a sword that many times his owner removed the sadness of the prophet with”. subhanALLAH


source: sydneymuslimyouth

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