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Knowledge, the Key to Success

The adage that ignorance is bliss could not be farther from the truth when seriously put into practical application. Throughout the annals of time, what great accomplishments has ignorance made? What great empires and what marvels of science and technology … Continue reading

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Islam and Knowledge

The pursuit of knowledge has lead Mankind to make many great breakthroughs in their understanding of the world around it and in the process by which things happen. It has led to complex and mind-boggling scientific advancements, which have completely … Continue reading

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How can we as a responsible Ummah overcome this challenge?

assalamu alaikum Muslims worldwide are facing the challenges of being an ignorant and uneducated Ummah. Worldwide; we see many Muslims societies that have very low educational achievement. Muslim parents are not sending their children to school due to poverty as … Continue reading

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