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The Overlooked Struggle

It’s happened to many of us.  We come across a friend or relative—someone we would consider fairly religious—engaging in behavior that seems shocking or out of character.  You meet them on the street one day and see them dressed in … Continue reading

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Absolute Trust in Allah (Al-Tawakkul A’lal-Allah)

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficial Tawakkul is a fundamental part of the Islamic Aqeedah. Tawakkul is translated here as either trust or dependence. Putting our trust in Allah (swt) is a matter of belief … Continue reading

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The Superiority of the Islamic Culture

Fellow Muslims! When rationality and common-sense are not valued; when hostilities and wishful desires become the order of the day and when injustice and oppression reign supreme, a section of mankind will certainly stray from the correct path. They will … Continue reading

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