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Mankind between Servitude and Transgression

O People! Fear Allaah and be mindful of him in secret and in the open, Allaah says that which translates as: “Indeed, from Allaah nothing is hidden in the earth nor in the heaven. It is He who forms you in … Continue reading

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Rulings of Udhiyah (Sacrifice)

Offering Udhiyah is one of the great rituals of Islaam, by which we remember the Oneness of Allaah, His blessings upon us and the obedience of our father Ibraaheem, peace be upon him, to his Lord. There is much goodness and blessings in … Continue reading

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The Superiority of the Islamic Culture

Fellow Muslims! When rationality and common-sense are not valued; when hostilities and wishful desires become the order of the day and when injustice and oppression reign supreme, a section of mankind will certainly stray from the correct path. They will … Continue reading

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