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Story of Prophet Yaqub / Jacob (alaihis salam) – Story narrated in Surah Yousuf

The story of Yaqub (alaihis salam) given in Surah Yusuf, is a moving story, imparting a strong lesson in patience, loyalty, nobility, and compassion. It also serves as an example of Allah’s power and supremacy and the execution of His rulings. Allah says: … Continue reading

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Giving Sincere Advice

Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) once said, “This religion is all about sincere advice.”  Giving sincere advice (naseeha) to people who need it is an essential part of our religion.   Why?  What is so special about naseeha? It means giving advice because you want good for the … Continue reading

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Who are we to judge others?

Assalamu alaikum, It makes one wonders why we generally judge non-believers or  fellow Muslims brothers and sisters ?!!!! How does judging someone help  in anyway? Why can’t we accept people for who they are and try to help each other to be a … Continue reading

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