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Abandoning Disobedience

Sins destroy our ummah We all commit sins, but we have to start being more serious at minimizing them to the least. You are not asked to be perfect or sinless, but today we want to promise Allah and ourselves … Continue reading

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The Dignity of Muslims

The only source of Dignity is Allah  We will talk about the Honor and Dignity (‘Ezzah) of the Muslim Ummah. ‘Ezzah encompasses meanings of Honor, Dignity, Might, and Glory, and its opposite is Zillah or humility. Today we will say, “Yes” … Continue reading

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The Ummah of Moderation

The most prominent characteristic of the Muslim Ummah is that they live their lives and practice their Deen in the most moderate and balanced way. Allah (S.W.T) says in the Noble Qur’an, what could be translated as, “Thus We have made you … Continue reading

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