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Mariam’s spiritual journey

Our second lesson: Mariam (as) had a deep spiritual relationship with Allah (subhanahu wa ta`ala – exalted is He).  We see in her example how a mind, body, and soul can be spiritually dedicated to Him. As we examine these elements, … Continue reading

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The Companions of the Cave

…Today’s story is mentioned in Surat[3] al-Kahf (the Cave). It is related that the Prophet (SAWS) said that whoever reads this surah every Friday will be shown a light between heaven and earth throughout the whole week. The story is … Continue reading

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Raising Children in Islam

How to raise children into responsible Muslim adults? Parents hold enormous leverage in terms of what they teach their children and accordingly how their children grow up as adults.Islam, therefore, hold parents responsible for steering their children’s upbringing according to … Continue reading

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