Drugs: The Scourge of Society

Today we live in a world full of technological wonders. Color television, supersonic jets and personal computers are common things. We enjoy a high level of living that our ancestors never even dreamed of.
However, hand in hand with this affluence is a scourge that is also unparalleled in history. Drugs have become a menace and a destroyer of lives in this modern world.
ImageMany people in the world are victim of drug addiction. For whatever reasons, they have allowed their lives to be ruled by drugs. Maybe it is because they first tried taking drugs out of curiosity and then got sucked unwittingly into the trap or maybe it is just a means to escape from their unhappy lives. The easy availability of drugs, though illegal, contributes significantly to the rise of rug addiction.

Drug addicts are a liability to society. They are unproductive and burdensome. In order to support their drug habit, they may resort to any means. Begging, stealing and involving in criminal activities are common among them. They just do not care what they do or who gets hurt, as long as they get their next `fix’. They have lost all their integrity and responsibility. For them life is merely a series of escapes into the dream – world induced by drugs. Reality is too harsh for them.

The luckier drug addict who comes from a richer family may get his regular supply of drugs from his family who does not want the family’s name to be dragged into public disgrace. Some not so lucky ones may get disowned and get thrown into the cesspool of other addicts.

Regardless their origins, drug addicts give the rest of society huge problems. The police have to work extra hard to curb drug trafficking. Rehabilitation centers have to be set up and maintained so that addicts can have a chance to kick their habit and return to society. The common people have to take preventive measures against possible robberies and petty thefts. Families break up. Jobs are lost. Tears are shed. Millions of lives are thrown into despair and all because of the fine powder derived from the opium plant.Drug Trafficking
Drug trafficking is a lucrative trade. It has reached epidemic proportions in all parts of the world. Even the death penalty does not seem to deter the traffickers. They make huge profits out of the misery of other people. All they want is the money and the more the better. This trade is controlled by criminals and crooks. Behind their façade of respectability they indulge in a business so vile that the devil may cringe from. The law – enforcers simply cannot cope with this epidemic. For every trafficker that gets caught, there must be many others who escape to enjoy their ill – gotten gains. So, the police is overworked, the streets are filled with pushers, drug kingpins grow richer and the addicts multiply ominously.

Spread Diseases
Besides these things, drug addicts also spread diseases through their unclean methods of drug injection. While most diseases are manageable, one has become a real threat to everyone. AIDS, the dreaded killer is now prevalent among drug – users. Not only the users are at risk, but the rest of society stands an awful good chance to becoming a victim of this incurable affliction.
What can be done to stop his scourge? Most of the methods employed so far seem only to threat the symptoms and not the cause. We try to rehabilitate the addicts and not to make enough effort to educate the young ones so that they do not become addicts. We seize small consignments of drugs while the plants grow in huge quantities in the Golden Triangle.

Stopping the Scourge
If man can spend millions to make war on one another and still not resolve their conflicts would it not be better to spend the same money to make war on these drugs? Instead of killing one another, it would be a far wiser thing to kill off the opium fields and render the growers and producers helpless. That would be a really positive step in stopping the scourge.
Would the powers that be really want the drug menace to be eradicated? Or what they just carry on lamenting the fact and let this scourge slowly eat away into the heart of society.

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source: http://socyberty.com/issues/drugs-the-s … of-society

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