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The Prophet’s Emigration in the Spotlight

Success of the Second ‘Aqabah Pledge resulted in a considerable increase of the number of Ansar (Supporters), who accepted to host Allah’s messenger (peace be upon him) and to willingly protect him and his followers like they would protect their … Continue reading

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Achieving “Khushu” and a Positive State of Mind

We have all heard about the importance of inculcating Khushu in our prayers. It refers to a state of mind when we stand in front of Allah and fully direct our minds and hearts towards Him. Ibn al-Qayyim defined Khushu … Continue reading

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Zakah: Connecting Humanity

Zakah (Community Wealth Tax). The Muslim contribution to life is open, without limits: he gives of his effort, his mind, his knowledge, his status and his money. The Prophet (peace be on him) said, “Every Muslim must perform a charity.” … Continue reading

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