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Reflections on the Isrā’ and Mi`rāj

We are approaching the night on which the Islamic world traditionally celebrates the Isrā’ (Night Journey) and Mi`rāj (Ascension) of our Prophet, the Chosen One ﷺ. The Isrā’ and Mi`rāj was a great sign and an immense miracle which Allah … Continue reading

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Salah: Life’s Forgotten Purpose

Man has taken many journeys throughout time. But there is one journey that nobody has ever taken. Nobody—except one. On a vehicle no man has ever ridden, through a path no soul has ever seen. To a place no creation … Continue reading

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Cultivating Consistency

One of the easiest things to do is to find fault in others. To point out their every shortcoming and to overlook whatever good they may possess, in an effort for self-aggrandizement and seemingly moral superiority. On the other hand, one … Continue reading

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