The Book of Miscellany

1. Chapter on Sincerity and having an intention for all actions, words and states, outward and inward

2. Chapter on Repentance

3. Chapter on Steadfastness

4. Chapter: On Truthfulness

5. Chapter: On Watchfulness

6. Chapter: On Fearful Awareness of Allah (Taqwa)

7. Chapter: Certainty and Trust in Allah

8. Chapter: On Going Straight (Istiqama)

9. Chapter: Reflecting on the immense creation of Allah Almighty, the passing of this world, the terrors of the Next World, and other matters. On the negligence of the self, disciplining it and forcing it to go straight

10. Chapter: On hastening to perform good actions, and on encouraging the one who intends to do something to go ahead and do it with diligence and not to hesitate

11. Chapter: On Striving (Mujahada)

12. Chapter: On the encouragement to increase good actions in the later part of one’s life

13. Chapter: On the clarification of the many paths of good

14. Chapter: On Moderation in Worship

15. Chapter: On perserverance in actions

16. Chapter: On the command to follow the Sunna and its adab

17. Chapter: On the Obligation to obey the judgement of Allah, what is said by those who are summoned to that, and commanding the right and forbidding the wrong

18. Chapter: On the prohibition against innovations and new matters

19. Chapter: On the one who makes a good or bad sunna

20. Chapter: On showing the way to good and calling to guidance or misguidance

21. Chapter: Helping one another to goodness and fear of Allah

22. Chapter: On Good Counsel

23. Chapter: On commanding the right and forbidding the wrong

24. Chapter: On the harsh punishment of someone who commands right or forbids wrong while his own actions contradict what he says

25. Chapter: On the command to deliver trusts

26. Chapter: On injustice and the command to make restitution in cases of injustice

27. Chapter: On respecting the sacred things of the Muslims, clarification of their rights and having compassion and mercy for them

28. Chapter: Veiling the faults of Muslims and the prohibition against divulging them without necessity

29. Chapter: Taking care of the needs of the Muslims

30. Chapter: Intercession

31. Chapter: On Putting things right between people

32. Chapter: On the excellence of the weak, poor and obscure Muslims

33. Chapter: Kindness to orphans, girls, the weak, the very poor, and the downtrodden. Treating them well, compassion towards them, humility with them, and gentleness towards them

34. Chapter: Treating women well

35. Chapter: On the rights of a husband from his wife

36. Chapter: Spending on one’s family

37. Chapter: Spending out of what one loves and spending what is excellent

38. Chapter: On the obligation to command one’s family and children and whoever is in one’s care to obey Allah, and to forbid them to oppose Him, teaching them proper behaviour and preventing them from committing what is prohibited

39. Chapter: The right of the neighbour and treating him well

40. Chapter: On dutifulness to parents and maintaining ties of kinship

41. Chapter: On the prohibition of disobeying parents and severing ties of kinship

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