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Al-Afuww (The Effacer of sins)

In the name of Allah, The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful, all praises be to Allah, Lord of the worlds.  All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah (SAWS[1]). Today’s episode is related to the Night of Determination, … Continue reading

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Authentic Step by Step Illustrated Janazah Guide

In the name of Allah Most Merciful Most Gracious All praise is due to Allah; we praise Allah and seek Allah’s help and forgiveness. And we seek refuge in Allah, Most High, from the evils of our own selves. Whomsoever … Continue reading

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Explanation of Soorah al-Qadr

In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful 1. Verily, We sent it down in the night of al-Qadr. 2. And what will make you know what the night of al-Qadr is? 3. The night of al-Qadr … Continue reading

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