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Hajj is a trip of hearts not a trip of bodies

Hajj trip is the greatest worship in man’s life: Dear brothers, no doubt that you are certain of our subject for today, it’s about Hajj ‘pilgrimage’, because the day of Arafat is so close. Hajj, as you know, is a … Continue reading

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When Gossip Spreads

Part I Four walls. Dark and dingy. A man sat down and exhaled, bowed his head down and said a prayer to His Lord. How did he get here? In another time, another place, a woman wept. She couldn’t find … Continue reading

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What Does Islam Say About Leadership?

If it is possible to offer one statement that epitomises the concept of leadership in Islam, it must be one made by Abu Bakar, the first person to lead the Muslim community after the death of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). … Continue reading

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