Al-Khaleq (The Creator)

In the name of Allah[1] (God), The All-Merciful, The Ever-Merciful.  All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon our master, the most noble Prophet Muhammad (SAWS)[2]. 

Today we shall live with one of the most beautiful names of Allah which we have all known ever since we were children, but do we feel it!  The Creator is The Creator of everything.

Definition of creation: bringing into being from non-existence.  The great blessing is that of bringing into being, yet what is the purpose of my existence?  I have to achieve this purpose.


There are two kinds of knowledge:

1-           Admitting the existence of Allah as a Creator, and this is common among all people.  Allah says what can be translated as, “And indeed in case you ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth?” indeed they will definitely say, “Allah.””[TMQ, 31:25][3].

2-           The knowledge of love, timidity, slavery and carrying out the mission for which He created you.

All people know The Superbly Relenting, The Superb Provider and know how to live with them.  However, when it comes to the Name, The Creator, no one knows how to live with this name, although it is the basis of everything.  Without it, we would not have existed.  Allah says what can be translated as,Allah is The Creator of everything; and He is The Ever-Trusted Trustee over everything.”[TMQ, 39:62]. Everything in this world is created by Him.

There are three Names of Allah; The Creator, The Initiator and The Supreme Fashioner.  Those three names are correlative because they express creation.

The Creator: to bring into being from non-existence.

The Initiator: to make every created being prepared for the purpose for which it was created through the elements of creation.

The Supreme Fashioner: giving the final figure of each being.

Our aim in this episode can be summed up in four points.  Living with The Creator leads to love which leads to humbleness which in its turn leads you to say, “O my Creator, I will carry out Your orders.  You are The Initiator.  You made me ready for my mission and gave me the tools.”

How to live with The Creator

Let us live with the early minutes of creation.  Allah was alone, because He is The Creator of everything.  Allah says what can be translated as,Has there come upon man a while of (an) era when he was not a thing to be remembered?” [TMQ, 76:1].  He started the universe with one blow and will end it with one blow.  Thus, He is the one who begins creation and brings it back again.  He first created the pen and ordered it to write all what will happen until The Day of Judgment.  He consequently created the heavens and earth in six days.  It was not created overnight; it was created in six days to show us in an analogous manner that change does not happen overnight.  The change that happened was the creation of the heavens and earth and changes in our lives require patience.  He then created angels out of light because their mission is to convey the message.  Following this, He created jinn[4] out of fire and created all the other beings.  He created all this and prepared earth to receive Adam.  Therefore how dare you not love Him and prostrate before Him!

Stages of the creation of Adam

Adam was first created from sand.  This is why human nature and features have much in common with the nature and features of earth; black and white, soft and rigid, etc.  Being created from sand, one must realize that one is so fragile and weak but at the same time very precious.  Then sand was mixed with water to form mud.  It is noteworthy that water and sand are the purest materials to emphasize the sublime creation of man.  We perform ablution by water and tayamum[5] by sand.  Mud was left to dry out and become intact to remind us that strong will and determination are inherent traits in our nature.  Allah says what can be translated as, And as your Lord said to the Angels, “Surely I am creating a mortal of dry clay of mud modeled.  So, when I have molded him and breathed into him of My Spirit, fall down to him prostrating!” [TMQ(15:28-29)].  Then the mud became like clay and in turn as a hollow clay statue.  Allah gave the statue the spirit causing life to run through its body. Allah says what can be translated as, “Remember as your Lord said to the Angels, “Surely I am creating a mortal of a clay. So when I have molded him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down to him prostrating!” [TMQ (38:71-72)].  The spirit was bestowed from Allah to hail man as a very precious creature to Allah.  Spirit is the most important feature in any living thing not just in man.  This explains why man was blessed by the spirit of Allah.  Allah says what can be translated as, “… The Spirit is of the Command of my Lord; and in no way have you been brought of knowledge except a little.” TMQ (17:85).  Man was created by the hands of Allah, “…what I created with My Hands?…” TMQ (38:75)

Contemplations on Allah’s miraculous creation

Allah created Adam from neither male nor female.  Hawa’ “Eve” was created from male only. Isa (AS)“Jesus” was created from female only and the rest of humanity from both males and females.  Each night when we sleep our spirits go back to Allah, its Creator.  It then returns back to us when we wake up so that we are always reminded about the miraculous aspect of our being.  The fetal development inside the woman’s womb is no less a miracle. Allah says what can be translated as, “So, have you then seen what you ejaculate? Is it you who create it, or even are We the Creators?” [TQM (56:58,59)].  He also says what can be translated as, “Slain be man! How disbelieving he is! Of whichever thing did He create him? Of a sperm drop He created him; so He determined him. Thereafter the way He eased for him. Thereafter He makes him to die…” [TQM (80:17-21)]. Allah also says what can be translated as, “And He is The One Who created of water a mortal; so He has made him related by blood and marriage; and your Lord has been Ever-Determiner.” [TQM (25:54)]

Comparing Allah’s absolute creativity to man’s limited creativity

Allah’s creation is a masterpiece that reaches perfection.  Allah says what can be translated as,Supremely Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the Kingdom, and He is Ever-Determiner over everything.  Who created death and life to try you, whichever of you is fairest in deeds; and He is The Ever-Mighty, The Ever-Forgiving.  Who created seven heavens as strata (i.e., layers, one above the other).  In no way can you see in the creation of The All-Merciful any disparity; so return your gaze; (Literally: “your” beholding) do you see any rent?  Thereafter return the gaze, again and again, (Literally: recurring twice) the gaze turns over to you spurned, and it (becomes) regretfully most weary.” [TMQ (67:1-4)]

Other creations originally root back to that of Allah and continuously need improvement.  Even modern inventions stem from Allah’s creations.  The camera is an imitation of the eye.  The computer is an imitation of the memory etc.  Allah’s creation is infinite, facial features, fingerprints, voices, colours, shapes, etc.  On the other hand, if a painter wants to paint portraits for people out of his own mind his product would be very limited.  Man’s production is limited also in terms of time and place whereas Allah’s creation is absolute.  The repetition of creation is an evidence of incomparable creativity.  Trees and flowers that die in winter are resurrected by Allah in spring exactly in the same way which is impossible in terms of human creation.

Privileges of man over other creatures

Man was given hands and legs to perform his role on earth.  Allah says what can be translated as, And (remember) as your Lord said to the Angels, “Surely I am making in the earth a successor.”…” [TMQ (2:30)].  All creatures have been made to serve man’s needs.  Man is the only creature who understands the surrounding universe.

Our role

  • Love our Creator and be a loyal servant to Him in every step in life.
  • Perform our role in life.
  • Contemplate the greatness of our Maker.

[1] The word Allah is the Arabic term for God. Although the use of the word “Allah” is most often associated with Islam, it is not used exclusively by Muslims; Arab Christians and Arabic-speaking Jews also use it to refer to the One God. The Arabic word expresses the unique characteristics of the One God more precisely than the English term. Whereas the word “Allah” has no plural form in Arabic, the English form does, and the word ‘Allah’ in Arabic has no connotation of gender. Allah is the God worshipped by all Prophets, from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

[2] Salla Allah alayhe Wa Salam [All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him]

[3] TMQ=Translation of the Meaning of the Qur’an.  This translation is for the realized meaning, so far, of the stated (Surah:Ayah) of the Qur’an.  Reading the translated meaning of the Qur’an can never replace reading it in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.

[4] jinn = invisible being of fire

[5] tayamum = dry ablution through the use of sand that is performed when water is unavailable


In thy name – Amr Khaled


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