Abandoning Disobedience

Sins destroy our ummah

We all commit sins, but we have to start being more serious at minimizing them to the least. You are not asked to be perfect or sinless, but today we want to promise Allah and ourselves that we will never insist on disobeying Him. Search within yourself for the sins you do and you know that they are wrong and be determined to stop them. It is understandable if you forget or get weak and do them again, but quickly repent and ask Allah for His forgiveness and renew the promise. We Must Not Insist On Disobeying Allah. It is a Divine Law “When people insist on disobedience, they are destroyed.”

Imam Ali (RA) said, “No calamity has descended except by disobedience, and no calamity is repelled except by repentance.” The woman that was killed two days ago in Baghdad was because of the sins of her sister on the other side of the globe. The man that was killed yesterday in Jerusalem was a result of his Muslim brother’s sin in the country next to his. The whole status of our Muslim ummah is the result of accumulating sins for the past 100 years. It has to stop because if the disobedience goes on at this rate we will never rise up again. It is a Divine Law and there is no way around it.

Look back in history. Why did Adam and Eve leave paradise? It was because of disobedience. Why was Satan cursed and expelled from Allah’s mercy? It was because he insisted on a sin (arrogance). Look at the people of Lut (AS) ( Lot ) and at what happened to them. They were destroyed because of their sins. They refused to follow the guidance of Allah and insisted on committing their enormous sin (sodomy). Allah the Almighty says, what can be translated as, “But the (mighty) Blast overtook them before morning, And We turned (the cities) upside down, and rained down on them brimstones hard as baked clay. Behold! in this are Signs for those who by tokens do understand” (TMQ, 15:73-75). Muslims!! Do you see the danger of insisting on disobeying Allah? Try your best not to commit sins, and if you do, quickly repent and be determined not to do them again.

Anas Ibn-Malik asked Aisha (RA), the wife of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and the mother of the believers. “O Mother, when does the Earth shake and quake?” She replied, “O Son, it is when drinking intoxicants spreads, as well as adultery and other forms of disobedience. Then Allah tells the Earth to shake and quake.” So Anas asked, “Is it as a punishment?” She replied, “No! But it is mercy for them (so they may wake up).” Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) said, “If disobedience spreads in my ummah, Allah will overwhelm them with calamities.”

Never think that tiny sins do not matter. They accumulate and cause grave consequences on the long run. Like a drop of water that might seem harmless, but when these drops of water get together, they turn into a flood that wipes out cities.

Let tonight be a night of sincere repentance. Ask Allah to forgive your sins and promise Him and promise yourself that you will resist committing sins with all the power you have. Ask Allah to make our ummah rise with your repentance to Him. Ask Him to make our brothers and sisters in and Palestine and all over the world victorious with this repentance that you have made. We need to change because Allah won’t change our ummah’s condition otherwise.

How to hate disobedience:

Ibnul-Qayim described the consequences of disobedience. Learning these consequences will help you resist committing sins. Print them out and hang them in your room, next to your computer screen, or at any place you frequently disobey Allah.

The consequences of disobedience:

1- The prevention of Knowledge. Knowledge is a light, which Allah throws into the heart, and disobedience extinguishes this light. Imam ash-Shafi’y said, “I complained to Wakee’ about the weakness of my memory, so he ordered me to abandon disobedience, and informed me that the knowledge is light, and that the light of Allah is not given to the disobedient.”

2- The prevention of Sustenance. Just as piety brings about sustenance, the abandonment of piety causes poverty. There is nothing that can bring about sustenance like the abandonment of disobedience.

3- The prevention of obedience (to Allah). If there were no other punishment for sins other than that it prevents one from obeying Allah then this would be sufficient.

4- Disobedience weakens the heart and the body. Disobedience does not stop weakening the heart until its life ceases completely, rendering the body dead.

5- Disobedience reduces the lifespan and destroys any blessings. Just as righteousness increases the lifespan, sinning reduces it.

6- Disobedience sows its own seeds and gives birth by itself until separating from it and coming out of it becomes difficult for the servant.

7- Sins weaken the heart’s will and resolve so that the desire for disobedience becomes strong and the desire to repent becomes weak bit by bit until the desire to repent is removed from the heart completely.

8- Every type of disobedience is a legacy of a nation from among the nations which Allah (SWT)[vii] destroyed. Sodomy is a legacy of the People of Lut; taking more than one’s due right and giving what is less is a legacy of the People of Shu’ayb; seeking greatness in the land and causing corruption is a legacy of the People of Pharaoh; and pride, arrogance and tyranny are legacies of the People of Hud. So the disobedient is wearing the gown of some of these nations, who were enemies of Allah.

9- Disobedience leads to the servant being held in contempt by his Lord. Al-Hasan al-Basree said, “They became contemptible in (His sight) so they disobeyed Him. If they were honorable (in His sight) He would have protected them. Allah the Exalted says, what can be translated as, “And whomsoever Allah lowers (humiliates) there is none to give honor.” (TMQ, 22:18).”

10- The servant continues to commit sins until they become very easy for him and seem insignificant in his heart and this is a sign of destruction. Every time a sin becomes insignificant in the sight of the servant it becomes great in the sight of Allah. Ibn Mas’ood (RA) said, “Indeed, the believer sees his sins as if he was standing at the foot of a mountain fearing that it will fall upon him and the sinner sees his sins like a fly which passes by his nose so he tries to remove it by waving his hand around.”

11- Disobedience inherits humiliation and lowliness. Honor, all of it, lies in the obedience of Allah. Abdullah Ibnul-Mubarak said, “I have seen sins kill the hearts. And humiliation is inherited by their continuity. The abandonment of sins gives life to the hearts. And the prevention of your soul is better for it.”

12- Disobedience corrupts the intellect. The intellect has light and disobedience extinguishes this light. When the light of the intellect is extinguished it becomes weak and deficient.

13- When disobedience increases, the servant’s heart becomes sealed so that he becomes of those who are heedless. The Exalted says, what can be translated as, “But no! A stain has been left on their hearts on account of what they used to earn (i.e. their actions)” (TMQ, 83:14).

14- Sins cause the various types of corruption to occur in the land like corruption of the waters, the air, the plants, the fruits and the dwelling places. The Exalted says, what can be translated as, “Mischief has appeared on the land and the sea on account of what the hands of men have earned; that He may give them a taste of some of (the actions) they have done, in order that they may return” (TMQ, 30:41).

15- The disappearance of modesty which is the essence of the life of the heart and is the basis of every good. Its disappearance is the disappearance of all that is good. The Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said, “Modesty is goodness, all of it.” A Poet said, “And by Allah, there is no good in life or in the world when modesty goes.”

16- Sins weaken and reduce the magnification of Allah, the Mighty, in the heart of the servant.

17- Sins result in Allah forgetting His servant, abandoning him and leaving him to fend for himself with his soul and his Satan. In this is the destruction from which no deliverance can be hoped for.

18- Sins remove the servant from the realm of good-doing and he is prevented from (obtaining) the reward of those who do good. When good-doing fills the heart it prevents it from disobedience.

19- Disobedience causes the favors of Allah to cease and make His revenge lawful.  No blessing ceases to reach a servant except due to a sin and no retribution is made lawful upon him except due to a sin. Allah the Exalted says, what can be translated as, “Whatever misfortune afflicts you then it is due to what your hands have earned and (yet) He pardons many” (TMQ, 42:30). Furthermore, the Exalted also says, what can be translated as, “That is because never will Allah change the favor He has bestowed on a people until they change what is with themselves”  (TMQ, 8:53).

So we now realize the danger of disobeying Allah and insisting on it. Dear brothers and sisters, our ummah needs every single one of you. We all have to participate in raising our ummah. We all need to change to the better, because Allah won’t change our condition until we start changing ourselves.

Let us make a promise today that if there is any form of disobedience we’re doing, we will do our very best to stop it. We won’t insist on doing it any more. We can’t afford accumulating all these sins because they are killing us.

Let us ask Allah to forgive us and help us obey Him. Let us do this for our own sake, and for our brothers and sisters that are being killed every day. Let us do this for our whole ummah. Please.


until they change themselves – amr khaled


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