Confidence in Allah

We must have unshakable confidence in Allah’s Abilities

Do you ever have doubts about Allah’s Abilities?  Not necessarily expressing it, but deep inside, do you find yourself saying, “No, I don’t think Allah could do that”?  As Muslims we should have unshakable confidence that Allah has Ultimate Sovereignty over this Universe.  He controls everything, and nothing happens without His Will.  Do you know why we sometimes fall into this mistake?  It’s because we correlate Allah’s Ultimate Abilities with the appearance of the results that we want to see.  If we want something specific to happen, like someone dear to us that is severely ill, to become well, and we pray to Allah for this and then this person dies, doubt starts to crawl into our hearts.  We start, in our subconscious, to doubt that Allah has the ability to cure.  Allah has Ultimate Wisdom, and it is not always that we grasp the wisdom in different things.  But because we are sure that Allah is The Most Merciful, we are certain that what ever happens is for our benefit.  We must have firm belief in Allah’s Sovereignty and Ability.  It’s a Divine Law: If you have unshakable belief in Allah, He will help you.

For example, when Musa (AS) (Moses) fled with the Israelites from and they found themselves in front of the Red Sea with the Pharaoh’s army behind them and there was no way out, what happened?  Allah says what can be translated as, “the companions of M‍ûsa (Moses) said, “Surely we are indeed overtaken!” (TMQ, 26:61).  But Musa (AS) was certain that Allah has power over all things and could get them out of this situation, with confidence, Musa (AS) said, “Not at all. Surely my Lord is with me; He will soon guide me.” (TMQ, 26:62).  He didn’t know “how” Allah will help him, but he was sure that Allah “will” help him.  So Allah ordered him to hit the water with his staff and the sea split open making a path between two mountains of water.  Allah, The Creator, changed the properties of water, He is the One that decreed them in the first place and He is One that could change them if He wishes.

Take another example.  When Ibrahim (AS) (Abraham) was thrown by a catapult towards a huge bonfire and while flying in the air, Jibril (AS) (Gabriel) came to him asking, “Need any help?”  Ibrahim (AS) replied, “From you?  No thanks.”  Ibrahim (AS) was confident, totally confident that Allah sees and hears what’s happening and that if Allah wants to save him, He will.  That’s what happened; Ibrahim (AS) was saved, but how?  Did Allah order the sky to rain and turn out the fire?  Did Allah order the wind to blow Ibrahim (AS) off course so that he wouldn’t fall into the fire?  No, Allah changed the properties of fire and ordered it to be cool and safe for Ibrahim (AS).  Why did Allah do this?  One reason is so that people would know that Allah is in control of everything and to strengthen their faith in His Ability.  It was so that we Muslims in the 21st century realize that we worship The King of this whole universe and that nothing happens without His permission and that He has the ability to do anything He wills.

Allah says what can be translated as, “And in His Providence are the keys of the Unseen; none knows them except He. And He knows whatever is in the land and the sea. And in no way does a leaf fall down, except that He knows it, and not a grain in the darkness (es) of the earth, not a thing wet or dry, except that it is in an evident Book.” (TMQ, 6:59).

Do you see how Great and Knowledgeable Allah is?  And guess what?  We, Muslims, believe in Him and obey Him. We depend on Him and He is there to help us.  What then could possibly go wrong?

In another ayah Allah says what can be translated as, “Say, “O Allah, (The Arabic word has the supplication suffix umma) Possessor of the Kingship, You bring the kingship to whomever You decide, and You draw (Literally: pluck out) the kingship from whomever You decide, and You render mighty whomever You decide, and You humiliate whomever You decide. In Your Hand is (the) Charity; (i.e., the choicest) surely You are Ever-Determiner over everything.” (TMQ, 3:26).  See how powerful Allah is?  Imagine if your boss at work, the Dean of your college, or the Principle of your school was your father and he promised you that he would help you with what ever you need.  Imagine the feeling of security you will have, imagine the confidence you will feel.  Now think about this; The Ruler of this whole universe is Allah, The Powerful, The Merciful, The Ever Living, and He says what can be translated as, “Verily, the patrons (Or: the pious worshippers of Allah) of Allah surely will have no fear on them, nor will they grieve, (They are) the ones who have believed and have been pious, For them are good tidings in the present life (Literally: the lowly life i.e., the life of this word) and in the Hereafter. There is no exchange for the Speeches of Allah; that is (the state) that is the magnificent triumph.” (TMQ, 10:62-64).

Brothers and Sisters, let us reinforce our confidence in Allah.  Let us turn to Him with humbleness and devotion, and ask Him to help us revive our ummah.  He is the One who gives life; let us ask Him to give life to our ummah.  He is the Guider to The Straight Path.  Let us beg Him to Guide us all.  Nothing is difficult for Allah.  When Allah ordered Nuh (AS) (Noah) to build an ark (boat), Nuh (AS) was in the middle of the desert where there was no sea or river, but because he had confidence in Allah, he got to work.  To a non-Believer it would seem insane to build an ark in the middle of the desert, a waste of time.  But when the flood started, the wisdom behind building the ark became obvious.

Today we are building an ark that seems nonsense to a non-Muslim, or may even seem as a waste of time for a weak Muslim.  The ark we are building today is “until they change what is in themselves…”  It needs lots of work and may seem pointless to many.  But the day will come when those who participated in building this ark will succeed, and those who wandered away will regret.  Let us get to work, all of us, because this ark needs a lot of effort, patience, and confidence in Allah!


source: until they change what is in themselves by amr khaled


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