The Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min) according to the Quran

These verses from the Quran sketch the Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min). Success for a Muslim doesn’t automatically follow belief. It requires fulfillment of certain conditions.


We as Muslims therefore should ensure the following:

  • Offer prayers regularly at the fixed times and by consciously standing in front of The Almighty Allah with total submission.
  • Become cognizant about what Allah has forbidden and making a conscious effort to stay away from it. Just as we love to keep our bodies clean, we should be concerned about keeping our hearts untainted and pure by guarding ourselves from all that is dirty, evil, false and worthless in our talk, and from everything else that we have been forbidden.
  • Promptly pay Zakat as soon as it is due and not delaying or making excuses, for the Zakat amount is ‘poor due’ and doesn’t belong to us.
  • Not become brazen about matters pertaining to sex, or immune to shamelessness and promiscuity. Preserving human dignity and decency paves the way for a healthy society.
  • Find legitimate gratification of desires only in our spouses.
  • Not betray trust or go back on one’s word.

These verses explicitly convey that abiding by these get us into Paradise for eternal happiness!


source iqrasense


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One Response to The Profile of a Muslim (Mu’min) according to the Quran

  1. Rashid Nzambu says:

    This is indeed the prescription for success of human kind. Very precise and to the point.


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