How can we as a responsible Ummah overcome this challenge?

assalamu alaikum

Muslims worldwide are facing the challenges of being an ignorant and uneducated Ummah. Worldwide; we see many Muslims societies that have very low educational achievement. Muslim parents are not sending their children to school due to poverty as well as lack of realization of the importance of education. If this trend continues, we will see the majority of Muslims will be on the lowest rung of the society. We will be a class of new slaves (Muslims) toiling for others in the most menial and degrading jobs because we have no knowledge and technical skill. We can see this trend happening in Muslims societies in Indian Subcontinent, Africa and middle East countries. How can we as a responsible Ummah overcome this challenge?


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One Response to How can we as a responsible Ummah overcome this challenge?

  1. bint Yusuf says:

    Our challenges are varied and immense. However, the Islamic Ummah possess the needed potential to confront these challenges. What is needed is galvanised and coordinated efforts by countries, communities, Islamic institutions and non-governmental organisations. These would have to be imbued with the culture on the 21st century challenges, the needed collective and individual responses and the necessity of future consciousness.


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